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30 Minute
Exercise workout for women

Quick, Easy and Fun workouts

Do you feel you donít have time to exercise?
You just need 30 minutes workout, to get results.

Does a circuit with machines intimidate you?
Vivafit machines are so easy to use, just like walking or swimming.

Do you feel out placed in an aerobic class?
Vivafitís friendly environment will make you feel cozy and respected. You will feel integrated.

Do you think itís fun to be in a gymnasium full of men?
Vivafit is composed by a unique and fun group of women with an instructor to assist you.


We keep our promises!

You only need 30 minutes. 30 minutes exercising in a circuit 
with 10 hydraulic machines and 10 platforms

You will be exercising your body on hydraulic machines, pushing, pulling and squatting, at the appropriate intensity of your body.

In the centre of the circuit there is an instructor encouraging you, correcting you and motivating you. Youíll see how youíre going to have fun without worrying about anything. No need to follow the rhythm of the instructor or of the music The rhythm is yours! 

Vivafit environment will support you and motivate you. With no complexes or fear of inability, you will feel comfortable and focused on your training.


We improve your quality of life and you will feel well, happy and fulfilled.

Your clothes will fit you again and your energy will increase.



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